XfactorDates Privacy Statement

This is what was on the privacy statement page on the xfactordates.com site when the company went into liquidation in July 2012.

This page is provided for research purposes only

Xfactordates.com Limited respects and understands the importance of your privacy and will never sell, share, or otherwise transfer your personal information to any third parties without your consent. All details are kept on the Xfactordates database which is registered and controlled by the Data Protection Act 1998.
When registering with Xfactordates you will be required to provide your email address or other personal information.
This information is used for: (a) Adding you to the Xfactordates mailing list and/or (b) Registering you for an Xfactordates event.
When your information is collected, it will only be used to advise you of forthcoming Xfactordates events & for correspondence relating to any events for which you have booked. If you register with Xfactordates, your information is added to our email mailing list, which you can request to be removed from, if required.
When participating in an Xfactordates event, you are giving us permission to forward your profile (interests, likes & dislikes etc) & strictly contact email address and first name only, to any other participants with whom you "match". A "match" simply occurs when two people both tick each other on their scorecards, either as a friend or a potential partner.
We will not forward your email address to any other guest at the event, without your prior permission. We NEVER, under any circumstances, pass on your contact telephone number or home address to ANY guest.